Tuesday, 27 September 2011

SCANDAL akan debut konser di Nippon Budokan

Facebook Sony Entertainment Hong Kong mengumumkan bahwa SCANDAL akan membuat debut konser di Nippon Budokan pada 28 Maret 2012. Mereka juga memecahkan rekor waktu tercepat untuk band cwe untuk tampil di sana sejak terbentuk.

sumber: Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong

from @scandal_band pagi ini

March 28, 2012 (Wednesday) we decided the first one-man Nippon Budokan LIVE SCANDAL! Doubt be the best festival
No! More TBA! Enjoy!

28 Maret 2012 (Rabu) kami memutuskan "the first one-man" Nippon Budokan LIVE SCANDAL! Diragukan lagi akan menjadi festival terbaik
Tidak! Selebihnya TBA! Nikmati!

Decided to be held the first one-man Nippon Budokan LIVE SCANDAL!!

Date: March 28, 2012 (Wednesday)
Location: Nippon Budokan
Contact: Hot Stuff Promotion 03-5720-9999
Opening hours, etc. / title ※ Opening hours / step details will be announced!

Early Bird tickets are as follows!
[Early Bird Special SCANDAL MANIA] October 13 (Thu) - November 13 (Sunday)

[Pre-Membership CLUB SCANDAL] November 14 (Mon) - November 20 (Sunday)

♪ Please come to us you play

Contact here (Sony Music)

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