Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Only you knew about the tears that suddenly fell
Like that sky so full of tenderness

The stars sparkle, mapping out my next path
I can’t hold back the feeling hidden in my heart

Let’s take flight, from here to a faraway world
Let’s go on a journey of adventure

You can surely be stronger
I’ll cross through countless stars to get to you
I can spread my wings and take flight
With this courage that’s begun to shine

The wind that brushed across my cheeks touched my heart
And my ordinary days fluttered away

Since I met you, I’ve started to take my first steps toward my future
Why was I born? I want to know the answer

Let’s take flight, from here to a glittering future
Let’s spread our wings and take to the sky

Love and courage envelop me
When I look around, I see the Milky Way shining
Let’s grab those dreams we painted in our minds
Let it out, all the way to the other end of the sky

I want to believe in, I want to protect
The miracle that I came across in a corner of this sky

The stars in the distant sky
Sparkle, showing me one road
When we can join hands and fly
We’ll ride on this endless feeling
And fly into the endless sky

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