Thursday, 2 September 2010

[2010.10.06] 8th single SCANDAL - Nanka Buttobase

Pop/rock band, SCANDAL, has announced that they will release a new single, “Scandal nanka Buttobase,” on October 6th.

This is the 8th single for the girl group and comes as a quick follow up to their second album, “TEMPTATION BOX.” “Scandal nanka Buttobase” will come out just two short months after the album and will be available in four different versions; CD +DVD versions A,B, and C, and also a CD only version. version A will come with a special clip of their previous song “Namida no Regret,” version B will contain a “Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku” special clip, and version C will have a Sentimental

Moment behind the scenes clip.

* Scandal nanka Buttobase Track List:

1. Scandal nanka Buttobase

2. Scandal nanka Buttobase (instrumental)

* Scandal nanka Buttobase Limited DVD versions:

Version A

・Namida no Regret -SPECIAL CLIP-

Version B

・Taiyo to Kimi ga Egaku STORY -SPECIAL CLIP-

Version C

・Sentimental Moment -SPECIAL CLIP-

by Adzan S. Uchiha members of SCANDAL INDONESIA FANS

more info: Jpop Stop!

Credits to chaz9891 & GekiDan@JPH!P Forum, Adzan S. Uchiha@Facebook

Download SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase


  1. I can't see Tomomi well, Mami either. It's not right for them , to put in front only Haruna and Rina.They are all 4 from SCANDAL.

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