Thursday, 8 October 2009

SCANDAL (Japanese band)


Origin Osaka,Japan
Genres Rock, Pop
Years active 2006–Present
Labels Kitty Records, Epic Records (current)
Website :
Official Website (Japanese/English)
Band Information Page (Japanese/English)
Official "Scandalblog" (Japanese)
Official Scandal Staff blog (Japanese)
J-Pop World interview


Haruna Ono

Haruna Ono (vocals, guitar)

Tomomi Ogawa

Tomomi Ogawa (bass, vocals)

Mami Sasazaki

Mami Sasazaki (guitar,vocals)

Rina Suzuki

Rina Suzuki (drums,vocals)

Scandal (stylized SCANDAL) is a Japanese pop group. Proclaiming themselves as "The Most Powerful Japanese Girlie Pop Rock", they are composed of four high school girls from Osaka, Japan: Haruna Ono, Tomomi Ogawa, Mami Sasazaki, and Rina Suzuki. Scandal is very energetic, mostly due to the fact that Ono, the eldest and leader of the band, shares lead vocals with the other three members, in order to not have a focus on one girl in particular and to give each time in the limelight.
Their first indie single was released on March 3, 2008 in celebration of Girl's Day, which, despite being ranked second on Tower Record's "Indies Weekly Chart", sold out throughout Japan and had a hard time being kept in stock due to high demand. In an attempt to alleviate the fan's troubles in getting this album, the single was released on both the US and Japanese iTunes Music Store on April 9, 2008. Two more singles (in CD form) were released in the months following, both being ranked number 1 on the "Indies Weekly Chart".
Right after their first release, Scandal left Japan to go on their first international tour, "Japan Nite US Tour 2008", followed by two concerts at the Japanese cultural and anime convention, "Sakura-Con 2008" from March 16 to March 30.
Scandal's music has been featured in a range of popular media: their first single, "Space Ranger", is the opening to Kyoto Sports Weekly, and their second single, "Koi Moyō" is the main theme of the movie Corazon de Melon. Their song, "Start", is the theme song for Star Ocean: Second Evolution and is available on the game's soundtrack. More recently, "Daydream" was featured on a tribute album to the classic multi-genre Japanese band, Judy and Mary, and their song "Shōjo S" is the tenth opening of the anime series "Bleach"
They have also been featured in commercials, promoting a line of Cecil McBee cosmetics[3], for Nike, featuring four different colors of their footwear, and were chosen to represent Pocari Sweat in posters and in the promotional video for their song "BEAUTeen!" as part of their summer 2009 campaign.
In early September 2008, Scandal began talks with the head of Sony Music Japan due to the fact that with Kitty, their CDs were made in very limited quantities which caused them to sell out quickly. They soon worked out a contract with Sony, who signed them on to their Epic Records label, and the group moved away from the indie music scene. However, due to Sony's ongoing disagreements with Apple Inc. over their iTunes Music Store and Sony's own Mora, the band's music which was formerly available on iTunes, was quickly removed from both the US and Japanese iTunes stores. Scandal will release their first full album in Japan on October 21, 2009.

"Japan Nite 2008" US Tour
03/16/2008 Knitting Factory, New York City, New York
03/17/2008 TT The Bears, Boston Massachusetts
03/18/2008 The Empty Bottle, Chicago, Illinois
03/19/2008 Denver, Colorado
03/20/2008 Hi Dive, Seattle, Washington
03/21/2008 San Francisco, California
03/23/2008 Knitting Factory, Los Angeles
03/28/2008 Sakura-Con: Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, Washington
03/30/2008 Sakura-Con: Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, Washington

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